Happy Clients

“Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, Meghan is there to help you out. I’ve been living minimal waste for three years and still found it helpful to reach out for a helping hand. There’s always room to learn. When we had the chance to purchase a new bed, we knew we wanted something friendly for our earth and for ourselves. I’d done a bunch of research but was feeling overwhelmed. That’s when I decided to ask Meghan for help. We had a FaceTime meeting, due to us living in different states, and it was wonderful! She came incredibly prepared and answered all of my questions. I loved that she shared everything we’d talked about in an email later so that I didn’t have to spend our time together worried about taking notes. All in all we found the perfect bed thanks to her guidance!”

— Claire • cleveland, OH

"Meghan’s sustainability consulting has been a big help clearing my questions about how to store, purchase, and compost food. Our conversation was extremely detailed in what I could do in my neighborhood and city (Seattle) to make conscious food choices. She always came back to asking me: “what else are you curious about? What else can I answer for you?” and it made the entire consult feel personally tailored to my knowledge and what I wanted to improve/change in my own life. She is willing to chat about all things and even followed up the next couple days with ideas that we had discussed in our original conversation. I loved chatting with her and I am already starting to put into practice the suggestions we talked about. Highly recommend her services."

— Evan • Seattle, WA

"One day while at my local Farmer’s Market I was appalled at the amount of waste that was being produced do to so much single-use plastic. As I was contemplating contacting the city, I was unsure of what solutions I could propose to them. Thankfully, I reached out to Meghan who was able to provide an extensive and detailed proposal for helping the Market make a series of simple changes that would allow it to operate more sustainably. With her knowledge and expertise I felt confident in working with my city to create this meaningful and important change!"

— joe • los angeles, CA

"Meghan is deeply passionate about this work, and it's truly contagious. She came to our session prepared with plenty of useful tips, tricks, ideas, and suggestions all catered to my lifestyle. As a grad student living off of student loans, finances are a big concern for me, and she took that into consideration with all of her recommendations. Meghan is perfect for wherever you are in your sustainability journey; she's incredibly knowledgeable, and she personalizes everything to wherever you are at. She not only makes living sustainably affordable and easy, but she also makes it exciting! I'm thankful for her enthusiasm and looking forward to going forth with all of her suggestions."

— lauren • long beach, CA